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About Us

IDM Products, LLC is a Texas-based supply chain integration, procurement, and distribution company.

We service more than 100,000 products, representing more than 1,000 of America’s leading manufacturers. IDM Products is powered to reach the modern workplace with a wide-range of products and services enabling us to enhance your procurement and sourcing challenges. By leveraging our product purchasing power, coupled with our all-in-one supply chain platform, we drive results through a world-class fulfillment network.

IDM is well-positioned to integrate our sourcing and procurement services to vertical markets, including Fortune 500 companies, local, state and federal government offices, educational institutions, Co-Ops, and healthcare facilities. With 30-plus distribution centers nationwide, we deliver in 1-2 days to more than 90 percent of the U.S.

Our enhanced customer software portal offers visibility to quotes, orders, shipments, product SKUs, manufacturers, and product descriptions. IDM’s diverse team and technology offering provide the control, data and visibility needed to ensure cost reduction; positively impacting your bottom line.

 IDM embraces the role of being an extended purchasing arm. We will essentially shadow an oversight supply chain management role to manage the purchase and flow of materials in all pre-determined locations. IDM brings flexibility to negotiate on your company’s behalf with manufacturers and distributors for cost-saving benefits, including shipping, product delivery timelines, warranties, and more.

Our underlying goal is to procure quality goods at the best price, demonstrating capital savings to you, our clients. We centralize manufacturers and suppliers onto one hub to save you valuable time and resources. As a supply chain intergrader, whatever needs your business has, our flexible solution will fit your specific requirements. From procurement to sourcing, to purchasing, our team has robust experience in backgrounds such as Healthcare, Jan-San, MRO, Finance, Procurement, Shipping, Management, Revenue Recycle, and Purchasing. We operate with integrity, providing top brands, highly stocked products, the best customer service, and pricing, to keep you satisfied.

“Prepare for tomorrow, today” - We help organizations prepare for tomorrow, by intergrading with your supply chain department today


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